Because Only Together We Can


Partnering to build a world 

What We Do


— Financial Assistance for Families

  • Assist Financial established for small business
  • Interest free personal loan (long term)
  • Fast Cash loans (short Terms)

— We Educate

  • Early Childhood Education Programs
  • Individualized Education Program
  • Special Education
  • Adult Education Programs

— Housing Support

  • Affordable Homes to Build
  • Affordable Home Furniture
  • Affordable Homes for Rent
  • Affordable Homes Renovation 

— Grants & Loans For Small Business (Financial Support)

  • Financial support for small business 
  • Financial Support food-related programs 
  • Financial Support Additional Resources

— Wedding (Financial Support)

We help couples save their marriages, turning them into strong, loving, fulfilling relationships.

  • Marriage Registration Cost,
  • Traditional entertainment coast (Food and beverage)
  • Hall Hair Cost Financial Hardship People
  • Others Activity Cost

— Religious Organization support

  • Assist Financial Build Masjid and Madrsa
  • Funding Community & Maintaining Religious Identity in School
  • Assist financial support vulnerable student 
  • Assist scholarships students who need help paying for school.
  • Assist Financial Hardship Student Paying for School Fees
  • Assist college campuses offer more financial aid